Strawberries from the Korean minimart

I met up with an ex-colleague at Square 2 after my Japanese class today. After lunch, she went back to work and I dropped by the Korean minimart to stock up my favourite snacks. At the cashier, the woman that queued in front of me was holding a pack of fresh looking strawberries. They look so tempting that I left the queue and went to grab a pack for myself.

I started eating as soon as I reach home. The strawberries are very sweet and fresh indeed, unlike those bland ones that are normally sold in local supermarkets. I quickly got hold of my camera and snapped a few photos before I finish the whole pack!

A pack of this strawberry costs SGD7.5, with 17 pieces in it. Go and grab one for yourself before it's all gone!

Sol Mart
Square 2 at Novena
3rd floor


Christy said…
I LOVE strawberries!!!! :D
daphne said…
ooo..sweet strawberries! what a treat!
yes Korean strawberries are really yummy. Love this shot.