Wedding Favours

My sister-in-law had a fabulous wedding last Saturday. Before the big day, she handmade a few items for the wedding herself including a lovely two-tier ang pao box that looks like a wedding cake, and the sleeves to slot in polaroid shots with the guests which are then given to them as gifts.

The wedding favours are small fruit cakes covered with rolled fondant and decorated with some sugar paste flowers which I helped to prepare. I thought that the preparation process shouldn't be too difficult since the cakes were taken from a relative's bakery shop, and all I need to do is to decorate them. But little did I know that the whole process was so time-consuming. It took me two days to make those small sugar paste flowers, and another day to make the rolled fondant and to paste the flowers on the cakes. On top of that, I took another two days to make the boxes, load the cakes in it, and finally tied the boxes with ribbons. I was very worried that I couldn't make it in time but I'm glad that I managed to do it.. phew!


Mandy said…
I can tell that the final products are well worth the time! :)Nice job!
wow these are such elegant beauty. A little gift that created out of love. Good job!
Jasmin said…
You did a fantastic job!
^cherie said…

Is this your 1st time working on sugar paste?
daphne said…
What a great wedding favour! U made me think of what should I do for mine too!
Rasa Malaysia said…
Wow, so pretty! Good job!
Stardust said…
Absolutely beautiful! I am touched by your effort. I am sure that your sis-in-law is just thankful. =)
shannon said…
Hi Piggy,

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And your wedding favours came out absolutely beautifully. They look so professional! I'm sure your sister-in-law loves them and is blown away by your efforts.


Shannon Eliot
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Red said…
Grace - those "wedding favours", such perfection they are and made with a whole lot of love, I am sure. Bien fait!!
Jackson said…'s so cute n nice!
Piggy said…
Hi all,

Thanks! :-D
Bron said…
Wow - super job, you have one very lucky sister-in-law.
Anonymous said…
Hi, just love your mini cake favours. Do you mind sharing your recipe? Did you use ready made fondant or did you make up a batch yourself?


Piggy said…
Hi Vivian,

I've got the cakes from a relative's bakery but I made the fondant and sugar paste myself. Pls send me your email address and I'll send the recipe of fondant to you.

Btw, thanks for dropping by! :-)