TWD: Applesauce Spice Bars

Applesauce spice bars is a recipe chosen by Karen of Something Sweet for TWD this week. I made half a batch of the recipe using a 7-inch square cake pan. The pecans were replaced with walnuts and I also added an extra spoonful of rum.

I always prefer fruit-based pastries and I knew that I would like this cake when I read through the recipe. Well, it certainly did not disappoint. The cake is soft and moist, and filled with lots of chopped apples, raisins and nuts. I had a huge slice for lunch, and thereafter, I sneaked a few bites whenever I walked into the kitchen. Before I knew it, 3-quarter of the cake was gone! I better get my running shoes ready for tomorrow, as I need to work off the extra calories that I piled on today!

Head over to Karen's blog if you want to give the recipe a try! Don't forget to check out TWD blogroll too!


This tempting recipe has been eyeing me since long... Your bars are splendid!


Jennifer said…
YOURS ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! I loved these bars too!
Erin said…
These look beautiful!
TeaLady said…
Beautiful pic of a great little bar. Fantastic!!
vibi said…
Your are the master of delicacy... daintyness and fragility.

You can make the most rustic of dessert look like glazed porcelain...
Anh said…
Your cakes never fail to impress me! :)
Amanda said…
Wow! Yours looks just like the book, LOVE the setting :)

I loved these bars but had to give half the batch to my neighbor or I would have eaten them ALL!
Elin said…
It looks yummy and I think I will try it out...slurps from ur screen for the time being :) Thanks for sharing :))
looks great! the hit of rum would be just right!
Looks perfect! Your lace doilies are just so prety too!

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