Seafood Soup with Sha Cha Sauce

The weather in Taipei is chilly at the moment and my hands and feet feel numb all the time. To keep myself warm, I've been cooking soup dishes almost everyday.

As a seafood lover, one of the dishes that I really like and cook often is seafood soup with sha cha sauce (沙茶酱). The mildly spicy soup is versatile, in the sense that you can vary the amount of ingredients base on your preference. If you like your soup spicier, you can also add more sha cha sauce. So just do taste testing along the way and I'm sure that you can get the combo that suits your taste buds!

Seafood Soup with Sha Cha Sauce Recipe

200g prawns
1 fresh cuttlefish
300g clams
6pcs fresh shittake mushrooms
50g baby corn
1 tofu block
1/2 carrot
200g chinese bok choy & lettuce, or any vegetables of your choice
2L chicken stock

3 tablespoons sha cha sauce
Salt & pepper, to taste

1) Put chicken stock to boil. Add baby corn, tofu, mushrooms and carrots, let it cook for about 3-5 minutes.
2) Add vegetables, follow by prawns, cuttlefish, and clams. Cook for another 2-3 minutes or until the seafood is cooked. Dish up and serve hot.


Kitchen Corner said…
This is a great comfort food for cold weather! It looks absolutely delicious!
Little Inbox said…
Wow, it looks so yummy with lots of ingredients. :)
Temma said…
This sounds perfect for a rainy day like today. If only I had the ingredients to make it in my pantry!
Stella said…
Your soup looks so good and kind of simple too. I really need to put seafood on my shopping list.
Patty said…
Perfect comfort food, hope it gets warmer for you soon!
mycookinghut said…
Love this kind of comfort food!
Cindy said…
Very colorful dish. If I get brave enough, I'll try it.
James said…
shasha sounds perfect for me! I love things with a cool upbeat name and I can't wait to be buying my shasha sauce at my next-door Asian market!