TWD: Thumbprints For Us Big Guys

Over the past weekend, hubby and I went to an IT mall looking for voltage converter and we managed to find one that is suitable for our needs. Even though the converter is not very big but it's darn heavy! So we left the mall right after the purchase, and as we were walking towards the train station, we chanced upon a farmers market. I was very excited and pulled hubby along, but he was in no mood to walk around because of the converter. So I told him to wait outside while I dashed into the market, made a quick tour and in 15 minutes time, I managed to grab a 2kg free range chicken from Taitung, 2 bottles of honey from Taoyuan and some fish snacks! I found out from one of the vendors that it is a weekend market and so I made a mental note that I will pay the market a visit again one of these days!

Anyway, with the voltage converter, my mixer is finally working and I was able to make these yummy thumbprint cookies for TWD this week. I toasted the hazelnuts before grinding them and it sure made the cookies very nutty and tasty. The cookies are great on its own and in fact, I find that it's a tad too sweet with the jam. So I prepared a few pieces for photo taking and ate the rest without the jam! The cookies are so yummy that this recipe is now in the list of my top 5 favourite TWD recipes!

If you want to give the recipe a try, head over to Mike's blog!


Edith said…
Glad that you got your mixer up and running.

Guess you must be enjoying yourself exploring.

Have fun and post any interesting news.
grub said…
wow! this looks so delicous! what kind of jam did you use?

i might make this one day, as i made a jar of jam at school a few weeks ago which didn't taste very sweet.

hope you are enjoying taiwan :-)
vibi said…
There's always something whimsical about your pictures... something that reminds me of waking up in an old French country house, only to have breakfast washed by the sunbeam of an openned window: real butter, soft artisan bread, grannie's strawberry jam... and of course, beautiful and tasty thumbprints.
Pretty little cookies! An addictive treat!


hbelly said…
I agree with Vibi about your pics only it kind of remind me of this nice little at Millennium walk...very japanese-americano...very Lisa Ono : )
And yes those transformers are heavy!

But you can get lighter converter plugs at DIY stores if the Taiwanese voltage are smaller than SG ones. But you can only use small appliances with those such as radio, playstations.. I am using those now in US.
Jencrafted said…
As usual, the quality of your photos, the composition, lighting, styling - par excellence! Glad you're settling in. It'll take a while, but I bet you're already a pro at it!
Thanks for sharing.
Nickki said…
What gorgeous looking cookies! I also loved them, they are disappearing fast!
Pamela said…
Sounds like you have found a good market! The cookies look great.
Claudia said…
Hello Piggy, I came across your blog via Lily Ng's blog. You take very good food photos. May I ask what lenses are you using? Are they happen to be macro lenses?
Stardust said…
What an adventure! Bet we have more tales coming.

And though I believe what you had to do to the jam, it looks SO pretty altogether!
Piggy said…
Edith - It took me two weeks to figure out what went wrong with the mixer. It turned out that all I need is a transformer that can handle appliances with high Watt. :-P

Grub - I used strawberry jam. I'm sure that your homemade jam tastes better than store bought ones. :-)

Vibi & Rosa - Thanks so much for your kind comments and your support. :-)

hbelly - Thanks for dropping by! I have a few of those converter plugs but they're only good for 80W (and below) appliances. That's why I need to get a transformer for my 1000W mixer. :-)

Jencrafted - Thanks! :-D

Nickki - The cookies are great, aren't they? I finished them up in 2 days time. LOL!

Pamela - Thanks for your compliment!

Claudia - I use a 50mm f1.4 lens for my food pics. :-)

Stardust - I will post more if I come across interesting stuffs. ;-)