TWD: Toasted-Coconut Custard Tart

Since I arrived in Taipei last Tuesday, I've been busy exploring the city as well as tidying up the house. Apart from that, I managed to find a baking supply shop near where I stay and my kitchen is now fully stocked with ingredients and that makes me very happy. ;-)

For TWD this week, Beryl of Cinemon Girl has chosen toasted-coconut custard tart. I was not able to get shredded sweetened coconut and so I used dessicated coconut instead. I made 1/6 of the recipe but I miscalculated the quantity of cornstarch and as a result, the custard was thicker than usual. Nevertheless, I still think that the tart is yummy!

For recipe, head over to Beryl's blog!


I love it's shape! Divine!


grub said…
it's so nice that you get to travel and live in many different countries. so it's taiwan this time, i love their quirky stuff that's sold in the night markets. ooh it's close to japan too, so you might get a chance to visit again!

by the way, your tart looks really good :D

happy adventures in taiwan!!
vibi said…
WOW! I can only imagine how being able to manage normaly in Taipei, must be an extraordinary feeling.

Lucky woman.

This is just as lovely, as it is delicately dainty! Wonderful, Piggy!
Susan said…
How exciting!! Your tart looks great. My custard was super thick too. I had to thin it down and I used exactly what the recipe called for.
Jencrafted said…
I love the shape of your tart. What sort of tin/mold did you use?
All the best in getting adjusted to life in Taiwan!
TeaLady said…
Beautiful LITTLE tart.

I have those little 'pans' but didn't really know what to use them for. Now I do - thanks.

Glad you are getting settled in. Look forward to stories of your new location.
hope you are enjoying your new city! i love the shape of your tart!
daphne said…
awww.. is taiwan good at baking supplies? Hope u r settling well! this tart looks awesome and i bet hubs will like me to make it.. hmmm.. food for thought!
Kayte said…
Happy to hear you are all tucked nicely into your new city and have a baking supply shop nearby! Your tart is absolute pretty, so elegant and looks so tasty!