Puffed Rice Crackers

I picked up a pack of puffed rice from a baking supplies store few days ago, and wanted to try out puffed rice crackers recipe the next day. But the weather has been gloomy this whole week, and knowing that the lack of natural light will make my photos look awful, I put my plan on hold until this morning. The sun finally came out for a short while and so I quickly went to the kitchen and made the crackers. As the peanuts and sesame were toasted beforehand, all I needed to do was to prepare the caramel, mixed it into the puffed rice and peanuts mixture, and roll it out in a baking tray.

If you can get store bought puffed rice, the recipe is actually very straightforward and easy. The only trick is to work really fast, or else the caramel will harden and it will be difficult to roll out and cut the crackers.

Puffed Rice Crackers Recipe
Recipe from Famous Cuisine's New Year Snacks (應節小食)

300g puffed rice
100g toasted peanuts
50g toasted white sesame

300g sugar
50g malt sugar
1 tablespoon lime juice
50ml water

1) Grease a 15X15 inch baking tray.
2) To prepare the caramel, put all ingredients in a pot and turn on medium heat. Stir only until the sugar has dissolved. Then let the syrup cooks (without stirring) until it turns golden brown.
3) In the mean time, put puffed rice, peanuts and sesame in a big mixing bowl. When the caramel is ready, turn off heat and pour into the puffed rice mixture.
4) Using a wooden spatula, make a few quick stirs until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
5) Transfer the puffed rice mixture into the baking tray immediately and roll it out with a rolling pin.
6) Cut the puffed rice crackers into pieces. Leave to cool and serve.


grub said…
oooo these are really crunchy! get them every year from a relative during the new year period
A great snack! Lovely and so deliciously crispy!


Chris said…
Maybe try a shortcut(and nonAsian way) with melted marshmallows.
Twinkle said…
I just made these! Super yum, my mom and I loved them. Thanks for the recipe =)
Anh said…
OMG, this brings so much fun memories back! Love!
Kitchen Corner said…
This is a great snack! I've never think of making this before. May be I shall with it a try, it's quite a yummy snack! If I don't have the malt sugar, can I use others ingredient to replace it?
edith said…
Ha I was doing grocery shopping with my mom yesterday and she pointed a pack of this! She told me that she enjoys eating this. Perhaps I should make some for her.
Anonymous said…
What's malt sugar? Where can I buy that? Thanks.
Piggy said…
Grub - You're so lucky to get this yummy snack every year!

Rosa - Yup, it's crispy and yummy!

Jane - It is yummy and very easy to prepare too.

Twinkle - Glad that the recipe works for you. :-)

Anh - This is my childhood snack too. :-)

Leemei - Thanks!

Kitchen corner - If you really can't get malt sugar, you can make a slightly bigger batch of malt sugar-less caramel by increasing the amount of sugar.

Edith - Yeah, since you can get puffed rice from the store, you should make some for your mom. :-)

Anonymous - Not sure where you're located, but if you're from Malaysia or Singapore, you can get malt sugar from supermarkets or baking supply stores. It's called 麥芽糖 in Chinese and you can read more about it here: http://www.answers.com/topic/maltose
MrsLavendula said…
puffed rice crackers bring me back to my childhood! great with hot milk/chocolate...
babe_kl said…
so nice to be able to buy ready made puffed rice. luckily we can still buy these crackers easily :p