TWD: White Chocolate Brownies

I'm not that crazy over having white chocolate in my baking, but the picture of white chocolate brownies in Dorie Greenspan's book looks really attractive. So when I found out that Marthe of Culinary Delights has chosen this recipe for TWD this week, I was very eager to give it a try.

I made half a batch of the recipe using a small rectangular pan, and I also replaced raspberry with mango. My brownies and meringue is a shade darker because I didn't realise that I've ran out of caster sugar and so I had to use brown sugar instead. Unfortunately, the cake turned out gooey in the center and I have to throw the middle part away. I should've read the P&Q section of TWD site before baking, as some of the TWD participants suggested baking the cake and meringue separately. Oh well, what's done cannot be undone, I guess I will have to give the recipe a try again and hope that it will turn out alright.

If you want to give the recipe a try, head over to Marthe's blog!


SiHaN said…
i know white chocolate ain't exactly white chocolate but I'm such a big fan of it..oh well.. pity yours were undercooked in the middle. Glad the rest turned out alright!
cindy said…
Looks beautiful. I like the mango idea!
chocolatechic said…
Your brownies are gorgeous.
Snooky doodle said…
i think it looks so good!!
Fabulous and irresistible!


Becky said…
great idea to use mango. Yum! My baking time had issues too.
that is a shame about the center. the edge piece looks really good tho!
Clivia said…
Beautiful! I love the sliced almond topping.
Stardust said…
But you've made everything look alright, I'd love to have a helping now! Mango sounds heavenly!

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