Nectarine and Oolong Tea Granita

After making my first batch of tomato and salted plum granita, I've been thinking of making this refreshing dessert again but with different flavour combo. It's really nice having granita especially when the weather has been so hot these days.

I thought of combining nectarine and oolong tea in granita when I was in my yoga class. I'm supposed to concentrate, I know, but I just can't get granita out of my mind! ;-)

I used sugarless bottled oolong tea, and so I cooked some syrup and added to the nectarine mixture. If you are using sweetened oolong tea, you can adjust the amount of sugar to your liking or omit the syrup from the recipe completely.

Nectarine and Oolong Tea Granita Recipe

500ml sugarless oolong tea
5 nectarines
100ml water
50g sugar

1) Put water and sugar in a saucepan, cook until sugar dissolve. Turn off heat and then leave to cool.
2) In the mean time, peel off the skins of nectarines, and then roughly chop into small pieces.
3) Put nectarines, oolong tea and syrup into a blender. Blend to a pulp.
4) Pour the mixture into a shallow container. Freeze for two hours, or until partially frozen. Remove from freezer, use a fork to break the frozen pieces into smaller pieces and mix well into the liquid.
5) Continue to freeze. Stir the mixture every 30 minutes until there's no liquid left in the mixture.
6) To serve, scrape shavings off from the frozen block of granita with a spoon. Serve immediately.


grub said…
wow what a great idea! i might try this out when summer is coming, but i'd try a peach and oolong combo :D
mycookinghut said…
Sounds like a nice combo! I love nectarines!!
Stardust said…
Your yoga instructor might have detected your distraction. =P

I want this now, right away! I'll try it with my favorite peach! ;P
Jo said…
This granita looks really refreshing and would be great for a really hot day.
I'm seeing nectarines around now, and they're not too expensive.
I might give this a try :)