After work shopping trip

While I were at work last Friday, I had the urge to spend money.. yes, shopping!

But wait! Didn't I just spend a bomb on clothes last month? Ah ha, since I want to improving my culinary skill so badly, I guess I should get some "help" by getting more kitchen utensils. (Wink, wink)

My first stop after work was CK Tang. I wanted to get a mortar and pestle, but I didn't after I realised how heavy it is. I believe I couldn't possibly drag it with me when I take the train home. I reckon I can only get it when the my man is driving to Orchard Road with me. Instead, I paid a hefty sum ($20!) for a multiple petite loaf pan. Hey, that two table mats will look good in my food pictures! There it went to my shopping bag!

Then, I travelled south to Plaza Singapure in Dhoby Ghaut. I bought a crochet hook from Spotlight. I'm going to make my own table runner! Ah hem, only god knows when I'll be able to complete it... hee!

I took a train further to Phoon Huat in Aljunied. I wanted to add on to my "collection" of baking utensils and ingredients. Hmmm... I have all the raw ingredients I need at home... what else can I get? Ok, a bundt pan and a mini loaf pan will look cool in the cupboard together with my 10 other baking tins of all sizes and shapes.

As I made my way home, I have this great sense of satisfaction that most women has after every shopping trip..... ahhh.... nice!


Chubby Hubby said…
Hi Piggy, since you were at Plaza Singapura, you should have gone to the Phoon Huat on Bencoolen Street, only a few minutes away. It's near Burlington Square.
Piggy said…
Hi chubby hubby,

Oh ya, i forgot that there's another branch at Bencoolen St. :-P
Anonymous said…
Hi Piggy! I love that multiple petite loaf pan!!!! I sent your picture to my mom and asked her to buy it and send it to me. I live in Norway now. She managed to get a 20% discount (Singapore sale or something) on it... I cant wait for it to arrive!!! Love your blog and the mouth watering pictures!! Best regards, Clare
Piggy said…
Hi Clare,

Hey, the loaf pan looks cool, doesn't it? ;-) Unfortunately, I haven't bake anything with it yet. Hope that you receive yours soon. :-)