India Trip - Part I

I was in India last week, spent four days working and two days sight-seeing. It was quite a good experience, seeing things that are very different from Singapore, experienced the scorching heat, i.e. 42 - 45 deg C, and of course, tasted lots of Indian food!

My colleagues and I left Singapore for Mumbai on Monday. We arrived at the hotel slightly before noon and after checking in, we went straight to the cafe for lunch.

I took these two photos of the cafe from 14th floor while I was waiting for my colleagues.

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The cafe serves both a la carte and buffet. We were informed by the waiter that we were too early (huh?) for lunch, so the buffet was not ready yet. Nevertheless we can order from a la carte menu. Well, that was not too bad, at least we could have something to eat.

Before the trip, I were determined to eat as much Indian food as I can in India. When the menu was given to me, I immediately flipped to Indian food section. I ordered a set of lamb shank curry and paratha, while my colleagues ordered something from the western menu.

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The lamb shank curry was good, but the paratha that came with it was thicker and harder than the roti prata in Singapore. I still prefer our version of prata.

A meal is never complete without dessert! I had ordered a serving of ice-cream, Exotic Spice from the ice-cream menu. It came with two scoops of ice-cream, blackcurrant and vanilla flavour, diced apple seasoned with cinnamon powder, and some sweetened walnut. Looks yummy, doesn't it?

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Mouth-fresheners were placed on the way out of the cafe... I tried a piece of brown colour betel nut (I think?) while my colleagues looked on in horror. They were surprised that I dare to put anything into my mouth (they haven't seen me in action yet, haha!). The betel nut tasted weird but I still swallowed it anyway...

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The food in the cafe is good, but the staff took too long to serve the food. One simple meal like this took us almost 2.5 hours to finish.

Since it was a public holiday that day, we didn't have to go to office. After lunch, we went for some shopping. These are some street scenes in Mumbai...

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After shopping, we were too tired to have dinner together. So we just ordered room service separately.

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This is an Indian vegetarian dish. The diced mushroom was cooked with onion and tomatoes in dry curry. To be honest, I am a carnivore and I hardly eat vegetarian food. But this dish tasted so good that I finished everything... except the paratha, of course!


Nupur said…
I spent 8 wonderful years in how did you like the place ? when i moved from bombay to new york city, i felt like i moved into a village!
great pics, thanks !
Piggy said…
Hi Nupur,

Bombay is an interesting place. The variety of food and merchandise (esp. fabric) is amazing... Except the traffic, I enjoyed the trip very much! :-)