Asparagus Stir-fried with Fresh Lily Bulbs and Wolfberry

I attended my good friend, LG's wedding dinner a couple of months back at Four Seasons Hotel. An interesting dish was served to symbolise "Everlasting marriage", it was a combination of asparagus, fresh lily bulb and wolfberry.

I drew inspiration from this delightful dish and tried to recreate the same dish. It was subtle, sweet, nice to look at and yet simple.

Fresh lily bulb can be used in stir-fried dish or dessert such as red bean soup. According to the principles of chinese medicine, lily bulbs are used for medicinal purposes, it helps to relieve cough and other respiratory conditions.

It is said that wolfberries are good for the eyes... I have been eating them since young but I am still as blind as a bat without my contact lenses, hee!


Anonymous said…
Hi Piggy, where did you buy such lovely white lily bulbs? Mine is always a little yellow and speckled.

I've also tagged you to participate in a cooking meme:

Piggy said…
Hi Umami,

I bought the lily bulb from the wet market near my house, Pasir Ris, that is...

It looked white in the picture because I've cleaned it, discarded the yellowish ones and cut off the discolored sides. ;-)