Tandoori Chicken

Last Saturday, I managed to cook something taken out of the cookbook that I bought from India... that is, Tandoori Chicken.

How was my version of tandoori chicken? Compared to the authentic tandoori chicken, it was too moist and the colour was orange instead of red.

Hubby took the first bite as I looked on eagerly, and I asked, "how is it?" He replied, "Interesting flavour". Oh no, this was a bad sign. I believe that all women are capable of "reading" their husband's or boyfriend's mind under certain circumstances and therefore, in this case, what hubby really meant was: It tasted weird. I tried it myself... Apparently, I was too generous with lemon juice and it was too sour. I could taste the ginger too... not good.

Another flop in the kitchen...


Rachel said…
That *looks* good. Did you marinate the chicken in the yogurt and spices overnight in the fridge? I find that really makes a big difference.

Also, when you roast the chicken, you gotta really blast the heat. This makes the chicken crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside.

By the way, I think "piggy" is such an adorable name.
Piggy said…
Hi Rachel,

I only marinated the chicken for 2 hours... Maybe that's why it didn't taste good. ;-)

Thanks for the roasting tips!

Well, I think pigs are cutest animal in the world, and besides, my chinese surname is "zhu" (same pronunciation as pig in Mandarin), hence the name of this blog! :-)
Cate said…
Found your blog through Food Blog S'cool. Like Rachel, I think your chicken "looks" great -- it also seems (from the picture) a lot more moist than tandoori chicken usually is. That certainly can't be a bad thing!
Piggy said…
Hi Sweetnicks,

Thanks for stopping by! :-)