Fish Head Curry at JB

Last Saturday, I went to JB (Johor Bahru - state capital of Johor, Malaysia) with my brother to collect some documents from immigration department, hubby tagged along too. Unfortunately, we were not aware that it was a public holiday and all offices were closed on that day. We could have just came back to Singapore but we didn't, that's because we were not willing to give up the main purpose of the trip... to eat Fish Head Curry!

There is a famous fish head curry restaurant in City Square, the shopping mall next to JB immigration checkpoint. Brother and I had lunch there half a year ago, and we've been craving for it for months.

It was very early in the morning then and City Square only opens at 11am. So three pathetic gluttons had to hang around a small coffee shop opposite City Square, killing time by sipping teh tarik and watching Animal Planet on TV....

Well, the wait was worth it. This Indian version of fish head curry was cooked with lots of spices and curry leaves, thus the strong aroma. It's really yummy, but it's quite oily though.. not recommended for the health-conscious. I enjoy eating fish head curry slowly, looking for meat through piles of fish bones, and finish up the rice with lots of gravy in it... heavenly!

Here's a picture of brother picking meat from the fish bones.

Three gluttons left JB with full tummies... and two more packets of fish head curry!

Restoran Hameed's
3rd floor, City Square


skyblue said…
I miss foods in Singapore and JB :'(