Chinese Pear & White Fungus Dessert

Chinese Pear & White Fungus Dessert Recipe

2 Chinese pears
100g white fungus, soaked
10g wolfberry, soaked
4 blades pandan leaf (knotted)
80g rock sugar
40g dried longan
1000ml water

1) Cut 1/4 portion of the top part of pear. Scoop out the flesh into ball shapes and reserve the pear basket.
2) Place pear balls, white fungus, wolfberries, pandan leaves, rock sugar and dried longan into a sauce pan, add water and bring to boil, cook in medium heat for 15-20 minutes. Remove from heat.
3) Spoon the pear mixture and juice into the pear baskets. Cover it with aluminium foil. Steam in preheated steamer over low heat for 1 hour. Serve hot.


Dodol & Mochi said…
This is a nice tong sui! Simple, refreshing and healthy! Nice photography, too!

Fruit Maven said…
Oh! This is fun. I've never even heard of a wolfberry.
Rochelle said…
Beautiful photo and looks so yummy!
Stardust said…
This looks delightfully good. I'll be tempted to cool it down in fridge and dig in during Summer. =P

Just that, how do you manage to scoop the flesh into ball shapes? Is there a special spoon to perform the job?
ichimokuren said…
look so yummy!!is it a hot dessert?
Piggy said…
ichimokuren - Yes, it is a hot dessert.