TWD: My Favorite Pecan Pie

I spent the past week touring and eating in Taipei, Taiwan with my hubby who had taken a few days off from his work. The nice and cool weather in Taipei is a stark contrast to what we are experiencing in Singapore at the moment. It usually rains very often in December but for some reasons, the weather is still very hot and humid, and I had a hard time making the pie dough yesterday because the butter melted so fast! I had to put the dough back to the fridge twice before I could start working on it again. Anyway, I managed to get dough done and made a few mini pecan pies, which is a recipe chosen by Beth of Someone’s in the Kitchen with Brina for TWD this week.

I thought the pecan pie was just alright and I would like it better if there isn't any chocolate in it. But I'm sure that chocolate lovers would enjoy the pie more that I did. So if you want to give the recipe a try, head over to Beth's blog!


Jennifer said…
I agree with you-I don't like chocolate in my pecan pie. Made the traditional way, this pie was very good!
Beth said…
Thanks for baking along with me this week! I'm sure the dough was really hard to work with in that type of heat. Mine oozed butter all over the place!
I prefer the classic version... anyway, your pie looks gorgeous!


Beautiful photo! Gald you were able to make this even in Singapore, even if it wasn't quite to your taste. It looks good! :)
Erin said…
What a beautiful pie!
Jennifer said…
beautiful pie photo!!!
TeaLady said…
I prefer mine plain also. Tried it with chocolate at TG but family didn't care for it.

Love your pics.
Lynne Daley said…
Lovely styling and composition!