TWD: Sablés

Barbara of Bungalow Barbara has chosen sablés for TWD this week. I had a love-hate relationship with sablés. I love this buttery and crumbly cookies but at the same time, it was frustrating that all my past attempts had ended up with the wrong texture. Fortunately, I got it right this time round and Ms. Greenspan's tips in page 124 certainly helped a lot!

If you want to give the recipe a try, head over to Barbara's blog! She has also included the tips for baking shortbread and sablés, so make sure that you've read through it before attempting the recipe.


Maria said…
Love these cookies!
Engineer Baker said…
I'm so glad the texture came out right for you this time! They look wonderful!
Bits of Taste said…
These cookies look so delicious! I bet it must be very tasty!
Memória said…
Ahh, thank you for spelling the name of these cookies correctly :). Your sablés look divine! Wow.
Allie said…
Beautiful! Your sables look lovely and I love the picture as well :). Been meaning to try this but never got around to it yet...haha.
Lovely sablés!


Thank you for baking along with me this week!

I'm glad this time was the charm for you.
they certainly look like they came out perfectly. and the crunchy sugar is a nice touch!
Food For Tots said…
It will be perfect to go with a cup of coffee now. ;)
Karen said…
Beautiful! Can't go wrong with Dorie! :)